The Time Machine


Phantasmagorical images
Splayed across the wall
As the time machine took off
Sputtering down the hall

She quickly grabbed her camera
To capture the phenomenal scene
But could barely get a shot at all
As it bounced like a jumping bean

She tried to move quickly
As the thing whirred towards her head
And of course she found a way
Otherwise now she would be dead

The motor could be clearly seen
Alive and smoothly whirring
And eventually she concluded
That it sounded a lot like a kitten purring

She was apt and determined
To find a way to commandeer
And she could clearly sense
That it was just about to disappear

Dauntlessly and without hesitation
She began to reach way up high
Just as the sizable machine began
To threaten and whiz right by

She quickly snagged ahold
Of the shiny metallic underside
Leaving a sudden surge of impulse
To be her fateful guide

With all the strength she could muster
She pulled herself within
And courage was right there beside her
More than happy to take a spin

She was feeling quite determined
And began to kiss her existing life goodbye
And after a teensy weensy giggle
She let out a satisfied sigh

After a sudden incredible explosion
And surefire blazing blast
She was finally finally finally
Set free and expelled at last

Propelled forcefully forward
At the amazing speed of light
It seems she’s now lost somewhere
To the far off distant night

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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11 thoughts on “The Time Machine

    1. Thank you… and no, there wasn’t a particular person in mind. But I did recently come across the word phantasmagorical, and I wanted to give it a try in a poem. And of course this is what came from it. Lol…

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