Sumptuous and Sweet


Sumptuous and sweet
He devoured her whole
Eager to please
She gave him her soul

She surrendered it all
While he watched her die
And there was nobody left
To hear her cry

© 2018 Michelle Cook

For a month full of writing prompts click here!  Sumptuous and Sweet

Dedicated to Alyssa Noceda who suffered the unspeakable.  You’re not just yesterday’s news to me.  Wherever you are now, may you rest in peace… ❤️


10 thoughts on “Sumptuous and Sweet

    1. It was very difficult to read…. he was smirking in the courtroom, and it sounds like the judge was not too happy about him having total disregard for what he’d done. I think he’ll likely get a very tough sentence.

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    1. Yeah, I know… I read that and just couldn’t believe it. How does someone get to that point? Of total disregard for human life? It’s appalling….. Anyway, that poor girl was on my mind when I wrote this. You just can’t forget a story like that, and I can only imagine how her family must feel. Knowing what happened to her. So so sad…..

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