Obscure Ambiguity


Ambiguity brought about doubt
Doubt led to apprehension
Apprehension gave into worry
Worry battled perplexity
Perplexity was a mind-boggler
Mind-boggler lived in secrecy
Secrecy demanded confidentiality
Confidentiality summoned familiarity
Familiarity came with ease
Ease reveled in prosperity
Prosperity took advantage
Advantage strived for convenience
Convenience wanted cooperation
Cooperation joined with harmony
Harmony agreed to conformity
Conformity knew obedience
Obedience had respect
Respect served dignity
Dignity denied morality
Morality embellished philosophy
Philosophy sought rationalism
Rationalism enjoyed proportion
Proportion lacked dimension
Dimension showed importance
Importance substituted relevance
Relevance owned purpose
Purpose loved determination
Determination fought for bravery
Bravery spoke of heroism
Heroism carried strength
Strength didn’t have tenacity
Tenacity desired perseverance
Perseverance drove endurance
Endurance argued with ability
Ability found understanding
Understanding asked kindly
Kindly justified thoughtful
Thoughtful acted anxious
Anxious left shaking
Shaking ignored disturbance
Disturbance liked agitation
Agitation landed in turmoil
Turmoil went topsy-turvy
Topsy-turvy became disarranged
Disarranged gathered mess
Mess caused chaos
Chaos chose disarray
Disarray indulged clutter
Clutter spied confusion
Confusion needed obscurity
Obscurity brings us back to ambiguity

© 2018 Michelle Cook

*I Decided to share an older poem that I wrote back in 2015.  This has always been a favorite of mine.

13 thoughts on “Obscure Ambiguity

    1. It was in there… look closer. It was one of the action words. Lol… I had to carefully plan this all out. If you notice, every word leads to the next, by using another word that has a similar meaning. And none of the verbs are repeated. It took me forever to find a word that would lead back to ambiguity. Lol…. 😉

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