Today is just another tomorrow…



Today is just
Another tomorrow
A chance to forget
Those long lost sorrows

Stepping back
From the fractured view
Leaving behind wild nights
Of a foolish hue

Summers past
Often filled with drunken rambling
All those frozen moments
Of risky gambling

Thank god those days
Are over and gone
And we’ve second chances
To finally move on

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Writing prompts: Fractured view, Another tomorrow, Step back, Wild nights, Summers past, Drunken rambling, Frozen moments.

36 thoughts on “Today is just another tomorrow…

        1. Thanks D. Means so much to me. 🙂 My books are all sitting in piles on my shelf, waiting to be formatted and put through the final touches. Then I need to decide on book covers. I’m just dragging my feet these days.

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            1. It was quite a thing to see my first book over at the library. I just stood there and stared at it for what must have been ages. Lol… I’m not sure if anyone has checked it out yet, but the fact that it’s there is just so exciting to me. I don’t think I’ll ever quite wrap my head around it. It just seems so surreal. Lol…

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            2. Agh. Started a second (and much better) job at IKEA in June…focused on that so I haven’t done much work on the book. Page Publishing has called me like six times but I don’t want to spend $3,000.

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            3. 😂😂😂😂😂 A publishing coordinator sent me that and was like NOOOOOOO that’s too much. I’m just happy writing tbh. My instagram is coming along nicely and with WordPress I feel comfortable with what I have right now. Sometimes I forget I’m only 19 because I try to do everything at once…

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            4. Yeah, that is waaaaayyyy too much! We write for the love it because that’s what we do. 😉 One step at a time D. Wish I was still 19, nearing the dreaded 50! Lol… 😂

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            5. We’re all good. Brie just got back from Florida. She was there all summer. Brian is still in Louisiana for another year at least, and Autumn is enjoying the last bits of summer. How about yours?

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            6. I know too many Brianna’s 😂😂😂 and autumn enjoying the last bits of summer 😆 very poetic….mine’s been busy. Sister won the highest title at her state pageant so we’re getting ready for California. Really tired from the constant weather changes….

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  1. Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. Michelle I love these words “Thank god those days Are over and gone
    And we’ve second chances To finally move on” I only hope you really mean that you are moving on. Grief has its way of sitting stagnate in the progress of your soul. Ascend up on high with every day you venture through time your vibration must grow with you. Breathe positivity and let your light shine through you!

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