The wonder of inspiration


It’s always fun to see
Where we glean our inspiration
Especially during those times
Of wordless frustration

Sometimes it’s a word
A picture or a quote
Or other times it’s simply
What someone else wrote

Often it’s the news
A book or a short story
Which gives us the means
To write our own allegory

There are so many things
Which speak to our souls
A writer’s mind
Is never in control

And even these words
Right here on this page
Have come from a place
I cannot gauge

So I sit and enjoy
My mind’s aimless ramble
It’s something I’ve never
Been able to unscramble

© 2018 Michelle Cook

28 thoughts on “The wonder of inspiration

  1. My biggest dilemma..”How to start? What’s my inspiration?” I’m truly grateful for the prompts. They “force” me to write. This piece sums up that feeling of…yes! NOW,I’ve got it!

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    1. And I’m so glad you’re doing them. I think that’s why I’ve decided to continue writing the prompts for as long as I have. To provide a bit of inspiration to someone, means the world to me because without providing that little bit inspiration, I think of all the words that would go unwritten. It’s a tragic thought in my mind. I want to see people do all they can do and achieve their goals. To be a part of that is incredibly special to me. So keep on writing, John and never give up! 😉

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  2. Oh, my! This is so wonderful! I love it! You have captured almost all the ways that inspiration comes, but I did miss being in bed and trying to fall asleep and having a random word or thought keep us awake until we go write it down and let it grow into a poem!! Just me! Bellissimo, My Dear, Bellissimo!!

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    1. Thank you… Lol. Oh yes, happens to me all the time. And there’s a very restless sleep ahead if one doesn’t write it down! Don’t forget about those ideas that come during the middle of a shower too. I keep repeating the words over and over until I step out, then I rush to the nearest notebook to write everything down. Lol… 😉


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