There I was…


There I was,
a tarnished piece of nothingness,
just another fowl crumb of an existence,
with all the potential of a rain gutter,
yet still, you chose me.

You unearthed my shameful soul
and held me lovingly in the palm of your hand.
Then, after peeling away mounds of corroded debris,
I was no longer a piece of blackened chaff.

Instead, I became your prized gem,
an anomaly I hadn’t foreseen.
And your sovereign hand still continues,
to unfold each gossamer petal of my potential,
showing the world what real love can do.

© 2020 Michelle Cook

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26 thoughts on “There I was…

        1. So true and I love the way you put that. I’m having an especially difficult time right now, so reminders of how far I’ve come are essential to the rest of my journey. It’s always so remarkable when someone comes along and helps us just when we need them most. Thanks again George. ❤️

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  1. ‘with the potential of a rain gutter’ just that, the power and picture it tells alone. Have you ever read a statement, a line, or sometimes a description and thought … I wish it was mine? that is it that first bit seven perfectly placed words.

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