30 thoughts on “Rainy day thoughts

      1. There’s just a skiff of snow here. I haven’t taken a peek at the mountains. I figured there would be more with this storm, but it mostly rained. I’m okay with that–I don’t care much for snow and cold! 🙂

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          1. Exactly! My dislike of snow has more to do with growing up on a farm 18 miles from the nearest town and having to navigate icy roads, as well as working with livestock during blizzards. It makes it really difficult, as you can imagine. But from an aesthetic perspective, snow is beautiful and creates magnificent landscapes. Grab some hot chocolate and stare out the window at the gently falling snow? Count me in! 😀

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            1. Yeah, I know exactly how that is since I lived out in the middle of farm country for over half my life. We used to get a ton of snow in Wisconsin. I’m so glad I’ll likely never have to shovel 4 or 5 ft snow drifts ever again. Lol… 🥶

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