There’s a tree…

There’s a lone tree I see,
reminds me
of what used to be.

I try not to fall under its spell,
as it takes me back to the place
where I once fell.

Looking at it now,
my heart just cries.
Why’d it take me so long
to realize.

Life is good now,
so I turn away,
choosing to leave
all those memories at bay.

© 2022 Michelle Cook

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24 thoughts on “There’s a tree…

  1. Michelle, this is nice. It takes me in different directions pending how I see the words. Is this the tree you sat beneath to lament the problems in your life, eg? Or, is this the tree where you and your beau carved your initials only to find out later he would not treat you well, eg? Well done. Keith

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      1. Oh, I can envision that too! I find trees can be representative of so many things and I think that’s why I tend to use them in my writing as much as I do. Thank you for your lovely messages. I’m trying to read through all of them right now and it was so kind of you to leave me so many. 💛

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  2. Oh, Michelle, this resonates deeply, and reminds me of many a painful moment. Yet, your poem also reminds me that those moments are now gone, and there is flourishing in the present. This is a gorgeous poem. 💛

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