How you love me

Oh, how you love me,
I can’t even count the ways.
Your waves of love crash over me,
sweeping me along for days.

Your love is like a torrential downpour
in the inky blackness of the night,
and I’m like a moth to a flame
as you flood me with your light.

The way that you love me
is like an ocean pounding against the shore,
and as the years pass by, you leave me
wanting you even more.

You pierce my heart with flaming arrows
whenever you say my name,
and I try to hold back my longing,
but the cravings are insane.

Oh, the way you love me,
I feel it deep down in my soul.
And my heart is at your mercy
whenever I start to lose control.

Your eyes perpetually sparkle
with such naughty-natured bliss,
especially when you lean in close,
ready to steal another kiss.

Your love reminds me of an atomic fireball,
blazing brilliantly across the sky,
and most often, your amazingness,
leaves me pausing in a contented sigh.

I just can’t seem to get enough
of the way you make me feel.
I love the way you love me;
the intensity is real.

© 2022 Michelle Cook

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27 thoughts on “How you love me

  1. Michelle, well done. The last stanza includes these powerful lines.

    I just can’t seem to get enough
    of the way you make me feel.

    This is what it is all about. Keith

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  2. To find a love such as this would be life-changing and life-affirming. Wonderful emotions in this poem, and beautifully written as always. May your golden quill never run out of ink! 🙂

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  3. Dearest Michele,

    This is a beautiful heartfelt poem so tenderly written. I love these words:
    ” I’m like a moth to a flame
    as you flood me with your light.”

    I’m so happy you feel so loved!

    I’ve missed you lately. 💖💖

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    1. Thank you… this took me ages to write. I think this is quite possibly my 4th rewrite for this poem. It used to be two pages long! Lol… When it comes to expressing my feelings for someone, I just feel like it’s even more important to get it right from the very beginning. Even after posting it, I’ve still been making changes! Lol…


            1. Lol… I’ll have to try and be here more. We all need support as writers. And you remind me of one of the first bloggers I ever met. He helped me so much my first year of blogging. Taught me everything I needed to know! 😃

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