I’ve trudged along your rocky outcroppings
and gathered your weathered body in my fist.

I’ve seen the many layers of you erode over time
and sought solace in the beauty of your unexplainable existence.

I’ve discovered all I am in the vast valleys of your heart
and stood in awe as your snow-capped peaks towered over me.

And there’s never been a single day that I haven’t wept in your glorious presence
because your divine nature pulls all my sorrows right out of my soul.

© 2022 Michelle Cook

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38 thoughts on “Earth

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      1. I guess I missed your point if the “earth” was your divine nature. I can’t think along those lined without thinking of the Creator God. Guess it works either way – on Word Press. Smiling at you, dear M.

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            1. Yeah, and I think poetry especially can have multiple interpretations. Sometimes I’ll read back my poetry from years ago and wonder what my original thoughts were when I wrote it. Much of what I write is metaphoric and can easily be misunderstood.


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