Writing through writer’s block… Take #347 😉

It’s a bright sunny day
Hardly a cloud in the sky
And yet I’m at a loss for words
And I don’t really know why

There’s plenty of things
I’m sure I could write about
Instead I just sit here
With such rubbish coming out

Many people have told me
To give it a rest
Some say it’s simply
Just a meaningful test

But without determination
How can I ever overcome
Isn’t this the best way
To get out of my slum

This poor keyboard
Has seen better days
And she’s begging me to stop
This foolhardy craze

And yet I’m determined to write
If it’s the last thing I do
Sorry if you’ve gotta suffer with me
Though all of this too

© 2018 Michelle Cook




Writing through writer’s block… Take #319 😉

Quite stuck
Rooted to the ground
Wearing a smile
Turned upside down

Can’t move
Such a useless battle
Left marooned
Longing to skidaddle

Fastened firmly
Knee deep in the mire
As hopes and dreams
Fade and expire

If I could just find the words
I’d pull myself out
I’m quite certain of this
There is no doubt

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Thinking out loud


Writing through writer’s block… Take #274 😉

Ease in
Settle down
Crack the fingers
Feet on ground

No, no, no…
That won’t do
Indian style?
Nope, that hurts too!

Mind over matter
Now there’s the key!
Feeling hungry
And now I gotta pee!

Sit back down
Focus mind
Why’s this brain
So unkind?

Attention! Attention!
All neurons fire!
Give me an idea
Something to desire!

It’s hopeless, so hopeless
And my head hurts now
If only I could be inspired
Just don’t know how

© 2018 Michelle Cook



I’ve used a million
And that’s quite enough
In my opinion

Yet impulse clings
Urging me on
Even when desire
Has all but gone

Just won’t relent
Keeps reminding me
I’m not done yet

And so I get up
And off I go
Waiting for inspiration
To commence the flow

Then wretched time
Steps right in
Stalling the words
Just as they begin

I start to wonder
Will I ever finish
Before my words
Do finally diminish

© 2018 Michelle Cook



A flicker of hope
A flicker of flame
Down the dark road
No one to blame
Dance of light
Follows the loss
By the old creek bed
Past the velvety moss
The weeping begins
Yet no one hears
Anguish spills
In those senseless tears
One final glimmer
Turned to dust
Her breath now stifled
As her heart is crushed

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt:  Flicker



You’re hungry for just one ravenous kiss
Saturated in cherry lip balm bliss
Imagining luscious provocative skin
Warm and inviting as she pulls you in
She greets you with her seductive smile and rosy cheeks
Her voluptuous breasts forming hardened peaks
Looking at you with intense thirsty eyes
Your appetite quenched between her sultry thighs

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Writing prompts: Cherry Lip Balm & Hungry

The Waves of Time


Pulsing tides
Ebb and flow
As the sands of time
Sink below

Hurried waves
Rush out to meet
The one in thought
To kiss her feet

The foam laden shore
Begs her touch
For it enjoys her presence
Oh so much

A tear escapes
Her forlorn face
As the waves dash forward
In earnest embrace

She feels profound love
Gently caressing
Caught up in the surge
Of the oceans blessing

And her heart is settled
And her mind begins to clear
As the waves lovingly reassure
Finally quieting her tears

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt: The waves of time



Words fail me now
As confusion deliberately overtakes my heart
It just isn’t fair
The mischievous games it plays with my head
Oh why can’t it just play nice for once
And leave me settled in my lonely yet comfy existence
Must I beg to be left alone
Or does my heart understand something I don’t

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Do they “get me?”


I often wonder what people think of me.
Do they truly see me for who I really am?
I think they often misconstrue the true me
For they just can’t be bothered to understand.
And does it really make any difference at all,
Whether they truly “get me” or not?
And yet it’s still something I’m now wondering,
Regardless of whether or not I ought.

© 2018 Michelle Cook



Marriage can sometimes holds us back
Makes us think of things we often lack
Then other times we fit together
Unaffected by all sorts of destructive weather
For we know in our hearts it’ll all eventually pass
So we make the extra effort to make things last
And in the end we come out renewed and shinning
Our hearts beating as one, at last entwining

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Writing Prompt: Marriage

One tiny little speck


There it was
One tiny little speck
Floating like a lost galaxy
On its own exciting adventurous trek

It had appeared out of nowhere
A glint of light radiated from its core
And then in a moments time
It couldn’t be seen anymore

Its movement had been hypnotic
As it caught hold of the current and flew
Soaring through time and space
On a zephyr of a gossamer hue

And as morning eventually drifted
Into the very late afternoon
That tiny little speck then reappeared
Later lost to light of the moon

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt: The morning sunshine