Sprinkles of Solitude


Ever yearned for
Always craved

Desiring the repose
Of its soothing wave

Insufficient sprinkles
Peacefully fall

Fails to answer me
When I call

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt: Sprinkles of Solitude


Corner Gridlock


Noose around neck
Heartbeat in check
No other choice
Must find her voice
Praying for chance
Out of circumstance
Walls grow thicker
She must be quicker
But time marches on
Soon the days are gone

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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All in the name of freedom


War is something
I’ve never been fond of

Killing is something
I’m completely against

And yet I support a man
Who does this for a living

I too was taught and trained
To be a murderer myself

We do what we say we won’t
And end up hating what we do

All for the sake of others
Who ask for our protection

There are those who can’t fight
And many more who won’t

In the end we support and do
The very things we despise

All in the name of freedom
For the cause seems advantageous

But the burden of sacrifice
Is a lonely road to tread

Something only those who serve
Can fully understand

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Precarious Quandaries


Precarious quandaries
Muddle her mind
Uncertainty rattles
Thoughts unkind

Embracing seclusion
Masking the truth
Shielding a heart
From crushing proof

Holding steady
Unwavering dreams
Nothing ever
As it seems

A life of sacrifice
For all involved
Futility realized
Yet never resolved

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Hippie Harbor


Down by the bay
They played their tunes
Smokin some weed
Sharin some shrooms

Enjoying each other
Making love not war
Defending their rights
Knowin what they stood for

Their far out ways
Influenced our fate
Not sure if it brought peace
Or just more hate

But those harmonious hippies
Were such an unforgettable lot
A memorable addition
To this country’s melting pot

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Dedicated to Denial


Dedicated to denial
She refused to believe what she had seen
All the lies and fabrications
Began to unravel at the seams

Caught in her own confusion
She denied she was ever wrong
She lived in a world of illusion
Something he knew all along


Written by, Dorinda Duclos and Michelle Cook

*All italicized words are written by Dorinda

Thank you Dorinda, for working on this with me.  It’s always so much more fun to write alongside other writers.  ❤

Intense Attraction


Time had been generous
Giving her everything she’d asked for
Denying her nothing
Indulging her every whim

For time had brought him
He who made her what she was
The only he who brought true happiness
A soulmate and a friend

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Desperate Obligations


She knew she had to save him
There was no other way
So she gave up her own life
On that dismally cold day

It was an easy choice
For she knew where she would go
And it was the last act of love
That she could ever show

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Running to Who from Where


Running low on hope
empty desires fade on the winds
rescue seems futile in the footnotes
of reckless endangerment
and sin’s
got an $8.50 ticket to my scene
blood, forget, more blood in my dreams
there’s rivers, but I can’t drink
there’s night, but I can’t sleep
just me and my memories run amuck in mind
just me and my sanity, hiatus for long times
just me and my insecurities, I need a sign
just me and
I can’t finish the line
I’ve done so much wrong
Would it even be right?
To go on
To become one with the light?
I’ve won and I’ve lost
And I’ve turned
To bring back what could’ve been
That just isn’t me
Once remembered
Once forgotten
And once again
I lay here alone
Ideas and thoughts not of my own
What happened to a home?
Or a place to call my own?
Well that just isn’t foretold
Feeling old
Yet it’s only cold
Feeling gray
Yet what can I say?
To the me that has yet to be seen
Or is that just simply a dream?
Just who am I?
To be brave?
To be saved?
To brave the calling of reality
To lose my senses of insanity
I want to say it’s alright
But how can I?
Just a lie
Then I sigh
Even though I try
I just can’t seem to say good-bye
Maybe there is more
Turning a blind-eye to what made me sore
Yet I can’t let go of the “Who” that is me
And I can’t let go of the “Where” that I might go
And I can’t bring myself to give up
On what might’ve been saved


Written by, Devereaux Frazier and Brianna Cook

*All italicized words written by Devereaux.

Just want to say thank you, to both Devereaux and Brianna for your participation.  This poem is wonderfully written.  You both did an amazing job!  😉

Sumptuous and Sweet


Sumptuous and sweet
He devoured her whole
Eager to please
She gave him her soul

She surrendered it all
While he watched her die
And there was nobody left
To hear her cry

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Dedicated to Alyssa Noceda who suffered the unspeakable.  You’re not just yesterday’s news to me.  Wherever you are now, may you rest in peace… ❤️

red crush II


n pane,
i see half.
while the voices

other stands
only there to

blade to back-
hard to relax,
ugly reminder
odds are stacked.

sensation like
feel the tragic

don’t react-
changes nothing,
pain inflicted
always something.

all of a sudden,

red crush-
then there’s

Written by, Anthony Gorman and Michelle Cook

*All italicized words are written by Anthony.

Thanks Grumpy, for giving me this opportunity to write with you.  😉



Sandy cheeks
And velvety ears
Your eyes they sadden
At my tears

Warmth and love
Bottled within
You worry about me
And kiss my chin

Never a single
Footstep away
Cuddled up against me
Hopeful I’ll stay

Protective of me
Yes you are
You never leave my side
Or go too far

And this is what
True love is about
Man’s best friend
So sweet and devout

© 2018 Michelle Cook

A collaboration in writing…


Sounds like
A lot of fun
A collaboration in writing
Is how happiness is won

To see what you’d come up with
When you’re done
Will hopefully inspire others
To write with someone

But I don’t have
Time today
To send a new poem
Your way

So have tons of fun
In your endeavors
With every word you write
You’ll only get better

Written by, Trent McDonald and Michelle Cook

*All italicized words are written by Trent.

Thanks Trent, for playing along.  Have a great weekend!

Bloodthirsty and Blazing


He came in the night
Like a rapacious thief
Bloodthirsty and zealous
Looking for relief

His appetite grew
With every second that passed
Blazing through the corridors
He found his victim at last

With ravenous eyes
He drank her in
His intoxicating stare
Only made her grin

For his violet eyes
Were no match for her own
And in one fell swoop
Her shrewdness was shown

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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The way she writes…


Bloodthirsty and blazing
Is the way she writes
Scribbling away in her pajamas
She’ll give you a fright

Her daughters decide
Who lives, who dies
While she dreams of romance
Lost in wishes and sighs

If you end up as a character
In one of her posts
You’ll either be gratified
Or turned into a ghost

So if she notices you
And becomes engrossed
Run for your life
Before you are toast

Or take your chance
To be indulged in the end
With her you never know
What surprises she’ll pen


Written by, Walt Page and Michelle Cook

*All italicized words are written by Walt.

Thanks Walt, for giving me this opportunity to add my own twist to your words.  This was so much fun for me.  ❤️