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Your eyes seem so sad
And I wish I was there
To hug you and hold you
And show you I care

But there are so many doubts
About the plans ahead
Seems neither of us knows
What to do instead

I’ve been pulling away from you
And everyone I know
Think it’s mostly because
I never thought you would go

And now I just feel worse
With each passing day
I honestly don’t know
If I should move or stay

Can’t believe we’re spending
More of our years apart
Seems to be breaking
Both of our hearts

I can’t seem to figure out
What I’m supposed to do
I’m feeling so confused
Just haven’t got a clue

So I’m sitting here now
Memorizing your sweet face
And I know for certain
I cannot act in haste

We’ve both got to decide
Before it’s too late
Or else time itself
Will determine our fate

© 2017 Michelle Cook


We hold on…


We hold on to the feelings
We all once knew
The times when love blossomed
And progressively grew
But things change
And people pull away
We’re left not knowing
What else we can say
It’s so hard to let go
Of someone close to our heart
But often they’ve decided
To make a new start
We can suffer for years
Wishing things were different
The past can haunt us
When we become reminiscent
Then we realize the truth
That life must go on
Even if those we once cherished
Have now permanently gone
And we get through it
Day by day
Knowing there’s nothing more
We could ever do or say

© 2017 Michelle Cook

The Village of Litton

littondale-2313001_960_720 (1)

The village of Litton
Is an adorable little place
Filled with quaint kind people
With old fashioned taste
The hustle and bustle of the city
Is not very far away
But those who visit Litton
Will find a lovely getaway
Most of the roads through the village
Are not really paved
But people walking along them
Will often stop and wave
There are bright emerald meadows
Dotted with an abundance of trees
And in the heart of the village
People are always happy and pleased
It’s hard to really believe
That a place like this still exists
And the picturesque views
Just can’t be missed
So if you have a chance
I suggest a visit to Litton today
Indulge yourself a little
And let all your cares float away

© 2017 Michelle Cook

*I woke up with the name of this village on my mind.  I’ve never heard of a place called Litton before.  So, I decided to write about what I imagined it might be like, if such a place really did exist.  After writing this poem, I was surprised when I searched Pixabay, and found an actual picture of a place called Litton.  Guess it really must exist!  So enjoy the beautiful picture as well.  Now I only wish I could go there!  Lol… Have a great day everyone.  😉 ~M xo

The Peppercorn Pauper


Peter picked peppercorns
From the pepper trees
Swinging wildly about
He’d often skin up his knees

He may have been a pauper
But he couldn’t be called lazy
Though some people murmured
They thought he was crazy

He was the jovial kind
With a dare devilish flare
Which caused all the maidens
To often stop and stare

But all the old people
They just sat and sighed
And some of them even
Shook their heads and cried

Although Peter was actually
A real humdinger
But most folks there
They just couldn’t see her

Because Peter himself
Was actually a pretty Petunia
The only way to really tell
Was if she decided to moon ya

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt: Paupers and Peppercorns

I’ll always love you…


Cuddled under
A clouded sky
I glimpse a twinkle
In your eye

Staring back
I clearly see
Your sweet smile
Teasing me

Your warm hand
Pressed against mine
Our hearts beating
In rhythmic time

Your face is one
I’ll never forget
Even when time
Has all been spent

Your love for me
Ever so true
It’s why I’ll
Always love you

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Be somebody’s cheerleader…


Ok, I’m calming down now
That was loads of fun
Only attacked my keyboard
When others would rather use a gun
I guess that’s what got me today
Too much coming into view
It’s all stirring up my voice
Tired of being one of the silent few
So I’m having my say
Sorry if it’s filling up your reader
Please just be kind today
Be somebody’s cheerleader
Go out and make a difference
Even if you don’t feel like it at all
What are you waiting for
Nothing will change if you continue to stall

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Don’t mind me, just flinging words…


Don’t mind me
Just flinging words at the page
Better to do this
Than become completely deranged
Can you tell I’m angry
I’m madder than hell
Can’t stand this place
In which I’m forced to dwell
Everyone’s so selfish
Downright cruel and mean
These afflictions we face
Are too often seen
Come on people
Just be nice for one day
Or would you rather go through life
In complete disarray

© 2017 Michelle Cook