I’m a mood catcher

I’m a mood catcher;
I have no defense,
emotions they all stick to me,
leaving me tense.

And I have to admit;
it’s annoying as hell
to catch a mood
that leaves me unwell.

I’m usually happy
and slow to anger,
but when a mood is present,
you’ll feel the danger.

I’m like a balloon
filling up with hot air,
too much, and boom,
you don’t wanna go there.

My body can detonate
in an explosive fit;
all my rage can make an army,
cower and quit.

So please don’t infect me
with your lousy mood;
you might soon regret
your attitude.

© 2021 Michelle Cook

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/gorilla-monkey-ape-animal-mammal-1416459/

*Thanks to my daughter Auti for picking out the photo. Guess she’s implying something here about her mama. Lol…

49 thoughts on “I’m a mood catcher

  1. Ha! I know someone who is just like this! What advice would you give me if I have happened to infect her with my lousy mood? I mean, sure – make sure I don’t have any more lousy moods, but what about dealing with the current one?
    Kindness – Robert.

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    1. Just kiss her… a deep passionate kiss that takes her by complete surprise and takes her breath away. After all, who can refuse a kiss like that? Kissing makes everything better. Knock her off her feet. 😉

      And here’s the perfect quote too, which I just happened across this morning.

      “A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”
      ~Ingrid Bergman

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            1. Oh gosh… that’s too funny. I thought you took it from my recent poem, “Under a strawberry sky.” Oh what a coincidence that was! 🤣😂😜🍓

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  2. Indeed. 100% relatable to us all, Michelle. Yesterday I had a day where emotions were arising due to various unexpected things at work, and as I started a meeting with a team member, I could tell frustration was still lingering, so I stopped, acknowledged the feelings, and asked for a 10 minute break. Expressing our emotions is so important, as is taking the time we need to process them. Lovely poem. 💜

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    1. Thank you, Jeff. 💛

      And that’s the thing, at least you were able to acknowledge and work through the frustration of what was going on. I think that’s half the battle right there. Sometimes nothing gets addressed and then things just escalate until there’s no going back.

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      1. You’re most welcome, Michelle. 💙

        Agreed. It wasn’t always this way for me, so I totally understand, and think even when we’ve developed a pause when we are feeling frustrated or some other emotion, it is still hard. Emotions are like that, I think…

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      1. Well, it was harder back in the days when I didn’t understand what was happening. All of a sudden my whole demeanor would change for no reason. Now I accept it as God given intuition and empathy. And I trust my intuition.

        Are you also constantly taking in body language?

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        1. I generally end up closing myself off to people who tend to be very negative because it takes so much out of me to be around them. And yes, I take in body language all the time and it wears on me. But I would also say I have a very big heart and so it takes a long while before I end up pushing anyone away.

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            1. Seems like it. 😉

              Ohh…that just reminded me of the Kermit the frog song… “It’s not easy being green.” Pretty much the same message. Lol…😁

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