Child of mine

That fascinating first moment
I looked upon your face,
I was devotedly in love;
no time could I waste.

I held you so closely
upon my proud mama chest,
staring so intently;
no time for me to rest.

Barely daring to breathe,
you were a most profound gift;
more important than anything,
my focus made the shift.

Counting all of your fingers
and your sweet, kissable toes,
you were my darling angel
with the cute button nose.

Never before witnessing
a wonder such as this,
I whispered, I love you…
and gave you your first kiss.

You were my tiny bundle of joy
securely wrapped all for me;
a whole new world unfolded;
you were all that I could see.

Such a beautiful young lady now,
and I miss you more than you know;
I’m thankful for our years together
and the time I watched you grow.

© 2022 Michelle Cook

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60 thoughts on “Child of mine

    1. I am always reminded this time of the year of the ones that I lost, but also of the four girls that I was lucky enough to be blessed with. And so this poem was born with all of them in mind. 🙂

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    1. Thank you… Newborn days are some of the best days ever. They are gone too soon and then they’re all grown up. It’s so hard when they eventually leave the nest, but the wonderful memories linger forever.

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    1. Thank you… I’m not sure many ever really think about their first kiss as being from their mother. But I know it’s the first thing I bestowed upon all of my girls; a kiss, a cuddle, and a contented sigh. 🙂

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