A Twinge of Tangerine


Sweeping pain
Suddenly bursts forth
The sweetened fruit
Now running its course
Pulsing through
Her hardened veins
Sending pure acid
Straight to her brain
Dizzily she tries
Her best to stand
A fowl green substance
Clinging to her hand
Falling and writhing
With the sting of regret
From the filthy decay
She so foolishly bit

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt – A Twinge of Tangerine


The Invisible Highway


Will it make a difference
If I open this book
What would I read
Where would I look?

Will the words guide me
Or show me the way
Does it really make a difference
What I do or what I say?

If it really is a gateway
To a vast world beyond
Why doesn’t anyone
Ever seem to respond?

It’s so dark in here
And the distance seems too far
Am I really just grasping
For a non-existent star?

Where is this highway
The one I’m told exists
Am I just stupid
Or is there something amiss?

So many questions
Where has the truth all gone
Is this story actually factual
Something I can depend upon?

Who can tell me
Will I ever really know
Or is this life I’m living
All just a fabricated show?

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Our place


Sweet sisterly love
Alive on the breeze
As we dance beneath
The old oak trees

This is our haven
Our springtime dream
The place we go
To plot and scheme

And nobody bothers us
Or gets in our way
As we share our secrets
And laugh and play

This is our refuge
Our cloak-and-dagger home
A place we share
That’s all our own

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Certain people…


Isn’t it funny how certain people
Seem to make time stand still
There are just those certain persons
Who can give us quite a thrill
And it’s only every so often
That we meet such a friend
And the boundaries of their love for us
Seem to have no beginning or end
We just sort of mesh
In an amazing kind of way
There is never a single moment
Without something to do or say
And when you have a friend like this
You can’t help but want them near
Because it’s such a rare thing
To find a person who’s this dear

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Originally written, January 2017

Too late for love


Night after night
She whispers his name
Calling for him
But it’s always the same

No answer comes
For he’s just an illusion
Created by a mind
Who’s tired of seclusion

So she lays there awake
Against unsullied sheets
Listening to the silence
As only her heart beats

And she thinks of her life
Ever wishing for more
Hoping for a future
To bring all she yearns for

Yet reality sets in
That this could be her fate
And maybe for her
Love is just too late

© 2018 Michelle Cook

The Perfect Color


Robin’s egg blue
Takes me back to you

You were the loveliest creature
I memorized your every feature

But cornflower days
Were never long stays

I had you for just a short while
Amidst the decaying dandelion pile

You should’ve had more
A bit of forest green to explore

Instead the pacific blue
Became your life-long hue

Those sea green and periwinkle days
Formed all of your mahogany ways

You stayed purple mountain majesty true
To your olive green and cadet blue

Carnation pink and brick red brown
Followed you into the burnt orange ground

And bittersweet left the taste of gray
As the sky-blue in your eyes faded away


© 2018 Michelle Cook



Just pray

These are the words I hear you say


Just hope

These are words which help me cope


Just love

These are the words sent from above


Just trust

These are the words I know I must


Just live

These are the words I need to give


Just try

These are the words which make me sigh


Just be

These are the words which set me free


Just let go

These are the words I still don’t know


© 2018 Michelle Cook

Originally written, January 2017

Creaky and Cranky


Inundated with
Creaky hinges
Afflicted by
Annoying twinges

Growing older
Infested with gray
Almost too tired
To kiss or play

Slowly becoming
Crippled and cranky
No longer swanky

Hard lines
Worn creases
Coming apart
In shreds and pieces

Losing thoughts
Oh what to do
Finding it difficult
To even chew

Getting older
Is so unrightful
Never do it
It is frightful!

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Fidgety Fiona


Fidgety Fiona
Could never sit still
It was easy to see
That is was against her will

She was quite the charmer
At the age of eight
And there wasn’t a single person
Who didn’t think she was great

A free-spirit she was
With a strong desire to please
And she could often be found
Rescuing kittens from trees

Her sweet disposition
Left her loved by all
And she’d stick up for her friends
Though she was very small

Never a day went by
That she didn’t wear a smile
And she had the cutest button nose
With a one-of-a-kind style

She was certainly hard to resist
A fair-haired bright girl
Now she’s married to a loser
Whose name is Earl

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Galloping Gadzooks


Flinging herself from bed
Her mind in a tizzy
The sudden foolish leap
Left her wobbly and dizzy

“Galloping gadzooks!”
She suddenly shouted
Her enthusiasm for the day
Was certainly undoubted

Sure she had overslept
And yet she paid it no matter
The thought of seeing him
Left her frazzled and scattered

And as she entered the place
There he unmistakably was
And she flew into his arms
All just because

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Fizzy Whizzys’


Fizzy Whizzys’
Were her absolute fave
Made her want
To misbehave

Drops of delight
This euphoric treat
Was out of sight!

Never enough
She craved them daily
Gobbling each piece down
Rather gayly

Then one day
Her sweets were discontinued
And the search for more
She still continues

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Volatile Veracity


Truth gradually dispersed
Its effervescent qualities
Bubbling to the surface
Ready to burst at the rise

All while rejection innocently lurked
From the old familiar threshold
Awaiting the perfect moment
To introduce misery and despair

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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