He’d being doing this
For his entire life
Enjoying it even more
After taking a wife

Flying high
On the foreboding trapeze
Always left him
Feeling quite at ease

There was never
A single bit of doubt
As the crowds would roar
Scream and shout

This had become
His time-honored way
To express everything
He could never seem to say

For the trapeze
Showed his amazing skill
As well as his strength
And incredible will

And not a single day
Ever went by
Where his passion
Didn’t either soar, zip, or fly

A family legacy
Which will surely carry on
Long after
He is dead and gone


© 2017 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt: He was catapulted into the air.


The Merciless Thorn


A merciless thorn
Ripped across her chest
Stealing the babe
From her pink blushing breast

And the blooming red rose
Slipped from her hand
The shooting pain in her heart
Only she could understand


© 2017 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt: The thorn’s sting mimicked the shooting pain in her heart

Life Anew


Her old life crumbled
Right into the ground
Placed in his arms
True love now found

His eyes like meteors
Flesh like purest gold
Secure in his embrace
Tears ran uncontrolled

The most beautiful face
One could ever know
Everlasting love
Unreservedly bestowed

Sinking deeper
Against heart-warming chest
The burdens of life
At last came to rest

Speaking delicately
In hushed conversation
Acknowledging her
Heart-rending situation

Comfort and peace
Lavishly flowed
The ache in her heart
Did finally slow

And all was found right
That miraculous night
When he showed her the way
And convinced her to stay

A memory she holds
As close as she can
Wishing the world
Could somehow understand

Between him and her
She had found her rest
Others would surely
Face the same test

And she cried in earnest
For the ones who would never know
Just how far and wide
His love did go

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Writing Prompt:  The building crumbled to the ground

Four dollars and ninety-eight cents


Hand thrust in pocket
The moment intense
Finding four folded dollars
And ninety-eight cents

His juvenile hand shook
As he counted out each bit
This was his chance
Determined to commit

It was his first real gift
Bought just for her
And those young eager eyes
Began to blur

Wondering if she’d like it
And how would she even know
If only he could show her
How much he loved her so

But her empty eyes
Revealed great sickness
And her shallow breath
Grew faint and listless

He tried in earnest
To show her his gift
But in those final moments
She had started to drift

He kissed her cheek
Hoping she’d understand
And placed the gift
In her cold frail hand

And to his surprise
A smile now grew
Revealing her face
The one he once knew

But then she was gone
The moment had passed
And he knew she was free
To finally live at last

His head collapsed
On her still warm heart
He never imagined
They’d ever be apart

A mere four dollars
And ninety-eight cents
The most valuable amount
He’d ever spent

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt:  4 dollars 98 cent

For you, my writing friends…


To my friends
The ones who write
Always bringing smiles
Both day and night

Each one of you
Is so very dear
I’ve grown to love you all
Over the years

So here’s my tribute
Meant for you
All these words
Sincere and true

First there’s Carl
My best friend ever
No longer writing on blogs
But I’ll love him forever

Second is Dorinda
In whom I can always depend
Think she’ll be a kindred spirit
Until the very end

Third there’s Walt
Who’s like a father to me
Always sharing his love
For all to see

Forth is Ivor
So sweet and caring
Very thoughtful
And always sharing

Fifth is Michael
Full of frivolity and fun
He’ll keep you laughing
Until the day is done

Sixth there’s Tessa
I’ve known her from the start
She spends her days
Sharing her heart

Seventh is Anthony
Who is very creative
His thoughts on life
Are often relative

Eighth is Chantel
My newest friend
Someone who anyone
Can truly depend

Ninth is Diana
Always willing to assist
Full of knowledge
None can resist

Tenth is Devereaux
Who is like a son
Think he can inspire
Just about anyone

And to all the rest
Who I haven’t mentioned here
Hope you know who you are
Because I hold you all dear

Much love to you
On this tenth day of December
Your continued love and support
I’ll always remember

© 2017 Michelle Cook