If you ever need me, I can be found pouring my heart out on a page somewhere in this vast world. Just follow the ink trails and you’re sure to find me.

Her Writing Haven

She sits and she thinks
In a wardrobe that’s all hers
It’s the only quiet place in the house
Where nothing else stirs

She frequents this secretive place
As often as she can
Tucked away in the corner of a house
Where it’s too cramped to stand

As time ticks away
She often loses track of the hours
Falling under the spell of magical words
Which seem always to overpower

This tiny little space
Has been sort of a blessed haven
Especially in dismal times
When her heart has been quite heavy-laden

As confined and as insufficient
As this writing area really has been
It has allowed her to share things with others
Which were deeply held within

So as difficult and challenging
As her restrictive closet has remained
She dares not say an ill word about it
And would never think to complain

Her profound love for writing
Is what she cares most about
And that’s the complete honest truth
Without even the slightest bit of doubt

© 2017 Michelle Cook

78 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Michelle, I love your work and will probably spend too much time reading it! That said I also like your wordpress theme! Can I ask which one it is? Please keep up the good work! I could only aspire to reach your standard!

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  2. Ha, so I was here before! Back on AUGUST 29, 2017 AT 11:30 AM I made a visit and, knowing me, I read some of your other stuff too. I probably even had a conversation with you. I usually do. I’m that kind of a guy. And then I’ll have left. I do that.

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