When despondency wins…


Reflective heart
Always apart
Feeling lost
Wave tossed
Broken seams
Futile dreams
Heart breaking
Body aching
Alone forever
Ties sever
Emotionally done
Misery won

© 2017 Michelle Cook


The kite


The kite was made
By hands that cared
A wondrous sight
That would be shared

And up it flew
With a whoosh and a thrill
While its maker stood
Thoughtfully still

Mesmerized and intrigued
By such a magical sight
Holding onto the string
With hands clasped tight

Dipping and swaying
The kite lurching ahead
Hoping and praying
It wouldn’t dive instead

Carried beyond
Where almost none could spy
Eventually breaking free
Against the rosy sky

And the day ended
With a shrug and a sigh
The kite now lost
To the heavens on high

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt: The kite sailed away to catch a dream

The day death came to flirt


The spider giggled
As it scurried across the room
Spying his target
He couldn’t wait to spread gloom

For he knew his bite
Was toxic as hell
And now was his chance
As his subject just fell

She had tripped on the floorboards
And lay there all tattered and dingy
She was a sight for sore eyes
Who appeared quite fidgety

Unaware of the spider
She paid him no attention
Had she noticed him there
She may have suffered apprehension

Making his way unnoticed
Crawling just under her skirt
She never realized that death
Had literally come to flirt

Feeling a slight tickle
On her cold and pale skin
She reacted with curious alarm
And an uneasy upside down grin

The spider then gave her
Quite an unexpected scare
As it crawled right in
Beneath her underwear

And death betrayed her
Once and for all
Right there that day
In that dark dusky hall

And the spider they say
Hasn’t been seen since
Seems he scuttled away
Using her intrigue as his defense

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt:  The spider gave her quite a scare, as it crawled into her underwear.

This journey…


A whirlwind of emotions
On this journey I embark
Determined to figure it all out
In order to leave my lasting mark

This fast paced world of dreams
So different from how I recall
Finding dozens of detours and hurdles
Wondering if it’s even worth it at all

Pursuing this new found path
Isn’t going to be the smoothest sailing
But I feel I’ve got to get going
So tired of always failing

I’ll keep the pace I’ve set
Until I’ve used every last breath I’ve got
Otherwise I really do fear
This journey could be all for naught

© 2017 Michelle Cook


Paisley prints and peppermints


Paisley prints
Dotted the walls
Twas the wackiest wallpaper
Ever installed

For it tasted of peppermints
And smelled like pine
Just walking past it
To some was divine

I thought it odd
And couldn’t stand the smell
It actually made me
Feel quite unwell

Everyone else
Seemed fond of the taste
But I couldn’t see
All the hype of that paste

I tried to avoid the room
With the paisley prints
Just never cared much
For the taste of mints

Good thing too
As I passed the room one day
Every single person
Had fainted dead away

© 2017 Michelle Cook


Writing prompt: Paisley prints and peppermints

His pawn


The light bulb flickered
And all went dark
Hiding the shame
Of her abuser’s marks
Life had dealt her
Such a useless hand
The only way out
Was to take a stand
Controlled by fear
She gave into the crime
Determined to live this way
Until the end of time
For she could never quite see
A sure-fire way out
This is what her life
Would forever be about

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt:  The light bulb flickered, and then it went dark.

I could be…


I could be wallowing in loneliness
Or writhing in despair
Even putting my head down
Feeling as if nobody even cared

But what would that accomplish
And what would I ever gain
The world would be all too happy
To bring me even more pain

So instead I’m standing on my own
Agreeing to make a drastic change
It’s time for this life of mine
To be completely rearranged

© 2017 Michelle Cook