You’re always on my mind


I find myself missing you
Every hour of every day
And time passes so slowly
Because you’re so far away

I try to appear normal
As if all is well and fine
But you’re still there
You’re always on my mind

© 2018 Michelle Cook


The sound of love


Waking up
Beneath satin sheets
Pressed against
A heart that beats

The rhythmic tune
In accord with her own
The loveliest sound
She’s ever known

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Lavender Love


She just wanted
What he could never give
A life spent together
To be loved and to live

But he could never see
Beyond his own ambitions
Causing her to question
His silent omissions

Still she remembers
The days of lavender love
Those are the memories
She thinks most of

But those were just dreams
Conjured by her naïve mind
And she can’t forget
How he left her behind

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Crushing on words…


Oh words…
How I love you so
All I can say is
Please never go

I’d be a basket case
If you ever left
I wouldn’t survive
I‘d be completely bereft

I need the passion
Which you exude
You put me in
The best of moods

So promise me
You’ll never leave
I’m begging here
Down on my knees

I swear to make you
Sound real good
If you just visit
Like you should

I’ll even share you
With my friends
Perhaps you can visit
Their creative pens

The world needs you
But especially me
For you’re what makes
My heart soar free

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Originally written, January 2017


Wishing on a star…


Twinkle twinkle little star
Out beyond the world so far
Do you see me standing here?
Reaching out to pull you near?
I’m making a heartfelt wish
Under the flicker of your light
Praying that you’ll stay with me
All through this cold winter night
Send your shimmering love
Straight down here to set me free
Please set it lovingly ablaze
For all the world to see

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Originally written, January 2016.

The little house on the hill


I used to live
In a little house
On a hill

And oh the views
So beautiful
Even still

A magical place
For sure
It was

A first real home
All just

By the window
I would stand
And stare

Gazing out toward the meadows
Inhaling sweet
Fresh air

My love
Did grow

For this amazing place
God did

Then one day
My dream
Did fade

My window gone
Another sacrifice

Time couldn’t forget
The love
That grew

My heart more content then
Than it ever
Even knew

That magical place
Deeply hidden

A place
Where my dreams
Were secretly written

I’d give anything
To have
Just one more day

I honestly can’t believe
How long
I’ve stayed away

I think I must have left
My heart
Upon that hill

Because the tug upon it
Is there
Even still

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Originally written, December 2016

Obscure Ambiguity


Ambiguity brought about doubt
Doubt led to apprehension
Apprehension gave into worry
Worry battled perplexity
Perplexity was a mind-boggler
Mind-boggler lived in secrecy
Secrecy demanded confidentiality
Confidentiality summoned familiarity
Familiarity came with ease
Ease reveled in prosperity
Prosperity took advantage
Advantage strived for convenience
Convenience wanted cooperation
Cooperation joined with harmony
Harmony agreed to conformity
Conformity knew obedience
Obedience had respect
Respect served dignity
Dignity denied morality
Morality embellished philosophy
Philosophy sought rationalism
Rationalism enjoyed proportion
Proportion lacked dimension
Dimension showed importance
Importance substituted relevance
Relevance owned purpose
Purpose loved determination
Determination fought for bravery
Bravery spoke of heroism
Heroism carried strength
Strength didn’t have tenacity
Tenacity desired perseverance
Perseverance drove endurance
Endurance argued with ability
Ability found understanding
Understanding asked kindly
Kindly justified thoughtful
Thoughtful acted anxious
Anxious left shaking
Shaking ignored disturbance
Disturbance liked agitation
Agitation landed in turmoil
Turmoil went topsy-turvy
Topsy-turvy became disarranged
Disarranged gathered mess
Mess caused chaos
Chaos chose disarray
Disarray indulged clutter
Clutter spied confusion
Confusion needed obscurity
Obscurity brings us back to ambiguity

© 2018 Michelle Cook

*I Decided to share an older poem that I wrote back in 2015.  This has always been a favorite of mine.

All in the name of freedom


War is something
I’ve never been fond of

Killing is something
I’m completely against

And yet I support a man
Who does this for a living

I too was taught and trained
To be a murderer myself

We do what we say we won’t
And end up hating what we do

All for the sake of others
Who ask for our protection

There are those who can’t fight
And many more who won’t

In the end we support and do
The very things we despise

All in the name of freedom
For the cause seems advantageous

But the burden of sacrifice
Is a lonely road to tread

Something only those who serve
Can fully understand

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Precarious Quandaries


Precarious quandaries
Muddle her mind
Uncertainty rattles
Thoughts unkind

Embracing seclusion
Masking the truth
Shielding a heart
From crushing proof

Holding steady
Unwavering dreams
Nothing ever
As it seems

A life of sacrifice
For all involved
Futility realized
Yet never resolved

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Hippie Harbor


Down by the bay
They played their tunes
Smokin some weed
Sharin some shrooms

Enjoying each other
Making love not war
Defending their rights
Knowin what they stood for

Their far out ways
Influenced our fate
Not sure if it brought peace
Or just more hate

But those harmonious hippies
Were such an unforgettable lot
A memorable addition
To this country’s melting pot

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Dedicated to Denial


Dedicated to denial
She refused to believe what she had seen
All the lies and fabrications
Began to unravel at the seams

Caught in her own confusion
She denied she was ever wrong
She lived in a world of illusion
Something he knew all along


Written by, Dorinda Duclos and Michelle Cook

*All italicized words are written by Dorinda

Thank you Dorinda, for working on this with me.  It’s always so much more fun to write alongside other writers.  ❤

Intense Attraction


Time had been generous
Giving her everything she’d asked for
Denying her nothing
Indulging her every whim

For time had brought him
He who made her what she was
The only he who brought true happiness
A soulmate and a friend

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Desperate Obligations


She knew she had to save him
There was no other way
So she gave up her own life
On that dismally cold day

It was an easy choice
For she knew where she would go
And it was the last act of love
That she could ever show

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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