Salty succotash and pencil toppers

Pencil topper stew
just wouldn’t do,
but that was all she had
to feed her crew.

So she went to the store
to buy some beans,
but the brand she wanted
were all bursting at the seams.

So she thought for a minute
about what to do
because bursting beans
would need some sort of glue.

The corn looked good,
so she settled on that,
and then she went home
and put it all in a big vat.

By early that evening,
she had an amazing brew,
and even though a tad bit salty,
it was still a hearty stew.

Her kids were all grateful,
and with tummy’s filled to the brim,
they all settled down
to watch some Grimm.

It wasn’t very long
before the kiddies all crashed,
so she nestled them in their beds
while they dreamt of succotash.

Before long, it was her turn
to finally drift away,
catching the midnight train to dreamland;
she was at last gone on a holiday.

© 2021 Michelle Cook

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Writing prompt: Salty succotash and pencil toppers

Artichokes and anchovies


Cooking takes time
Ever stirring the pot
Spicing and tasting
So you know what you’ve got

Throwing in a dash of this
And a little bit of that
Until you’ve got a tasty mixture
Bubbling in the vat

Artichokes and anchovies
Add a great amount of flavor
They’re surely the ingredients
You’ll find that you want to savor

If you’re an ogre that is
Because who else would eat those things?
I can only imagine the upset
The very combination would bring

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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