She chose to look beyond
To see past his fabricated exterior
To search beneath his calculative heart
And go deeper than his manipulative mind
For the black corrupted abyss
Which he had used to lure her in
Was merely his vulnerability disguised
And she was the only witness to the truth

© 2019 Michelle Cook

A fragrant fog


A fragrant fog
Seeped under the door
Drifting lazily in
On that bare tile floor

And I watched as the room
Flooded with deadly gas
Everyone in the room screaming
Trying to make a mad dash

But the exit was blocked
And there was no escape
And I watched that horrific tale
On an old video tape

Scared to hardly breathe
After watching such a scene
How could anyone be
That cruel, that mean!

And yet it really happened
And it could happen again
Let’s not let history
Ever repeat itself again

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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