Shrouded in a moment
Dazzled by a dream
Wrapped in the warmth
Of a summer sunbeam

Covered in a feeling
Protected by truelove
Sheltered beneath a canopy
Under the boughs high above

Guarded with devotion
Veiled in rays of light
Treasured by a king
Who loves with all his might

© 2019 Michelle Cook




How do you do it
How do you send my senses into a tizzy
My heart starts racing
And my head becomes dizzy

How is it this happens
Every time I read what you’ve written
Such simple words
And I’m completely smitten

How do you cause this
These sensations of bliss
I get lost in the thought
Of your smoldering kiss

How enraptured am I
To feel all of these emotions
Saturated by your love
Amazed by your devotion

How blessed I am
By the treasure I’ve found in you
My heart fully appeased
By a love that is true

© 2018 Michelle Cook