Leathery lies


Leather straps
A memory of searing pain
The kind that leaves
An abusive stain

Lies to cover up
The cruelty and the hurt
Behind locked doors
Where punishment would flirt

Damaged beyond
What she even knew
This is what she thought
Every father would do

Then one day
She realized the truth
Those embedded scars remain
As deplorable proof

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Born with a paper heart


I was born with a paper heart,
Soon to be ripped up and torn apart.

Written upon it were false hopes and dreams,
Scribbled out,
Paper heart ripped at the seams.

Folded until tight and not allowing in light,
People tried but I withstood with all my might.

My delicate heart was not to be touched,
Fear of more hurt, in my hand it stayed clutched.

So under my watch my paper heart will stay,
Until the day that the wind blows it away.


Written by my closest confidant and dearest friend, Will Power.