Anything is possible…

Their connection was unique
Formed from remnants of dismantled dreams
And wiry bits of tattered truths
It was the kind of connection
Which everyone assumed would never last
Even time seemed to consider it a lost cause
But somehow between the layers
Of their oddly structured foundation
An unbelievable bond was formed
Secretly this tie grew stronger
Day by day and year by year
And without fail they proved the impossible was possible

© 2022 Michelle Cook

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Window of warning


Window of warning
Opened above
Rays of sunshine
Warmth of love

Voice of reasoning
Calling her name
Beseeching her to leave
A life of shame

Reminder of things
Futures to come
Imploring her to remember
What cannot be undone

Choices, decisions
Whirred through her head
Her choosing too late
For she was already dead

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Bavarian cream dreams


She dreamt of sweeties
Candies galore
Along with mounds of cookies
Piled on the floor

There were licorice laces
Lying all about
And candy corns
Which had just begun to sprout

Marshmallow fluff covered
Her once boring bed
And she began to consider
If she could possibly be dead

The curtains appeared
To be made of toffee
And she wondered if someone
Had poisoned her coffee

She thought this might be heaven
Or potentially a nightmare
While tasting Bavarian cream
As it dripped from her hair

And she thought to herself
Perhaps sweet dreams really do come true
Maybe they just don’t happen
The way they seem they ought to

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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