For you, my writing friends…


To my friends
The ones who write
Always bringing smiles
Both day and night

Each one of you
Is so very dear
I’ve grown to love you all
Over the years

So here’s my tribute
Meant for you
All these words
Sincere and true

First there’s Carl
My best friend ever
No longer writing on blogs
But I’ll love him forever

Second is Dorinda
In whom I can always depend
Think she’ll be a kindred spirit
Until the very end

Third there’s Walt
Who’s like a father to me
Always sharing his love
For all to see

Forth is Ivor
So sweet and caring
Very thoughtful
And always sharing

Fifth is Michael
Full of frivolity and fun
He’ll keep you laughing
Until the day is done

Sixth there’s Tessa
I’ve known her from the start
She spends her days
Sharing her heart

Seventh is Anthony
Who is very creative
His thoughts on life
Are often relative

Eighth is Chantel
My newest friend
Someone who anyone
Can truly depend

Ninth is Diana
Always willing to assist
Full of knowledge
None can resist

Tenth is Devereaux
Who is like a son
Think he can inspire
Just about anyone

And to all the rest
Who I haven’t mentioned here
Hope you know who you are
Because I hold you all dear

Much love to you
On this tenth day of December
Your continued love and support
I’ll always remember

© 2017 Michelle Cook

47 thoughts on “For you, my writing friends…

    1. Oh I know…. 😢😔
      I find myself rereading his comments from time to time. He lives on through his wonderful poems and all of the things he said to everyone here on WordPress.

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  1. Thank you Michelle. I’ve loved getting to know you and your family. You’ve been an amazing inspiration for me as a writer and on a personal level. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, and unfortunately I can’t able to juggle 3 – 4 things at the same time. Like I used too. Somehow, the time are short at my end. I don’t know where my time is eaten up. I just got 2 – 3 hours max when I come back. In which I have to do couple of other things. Wanted to write, but my mind becomes completely blank.

        It’s so cherishing to read post like yours. Atleast someone is living a life unlike people like us, who are spending 😦

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          1. Well I have annual Financial Year End closing in process going on. So have to go to office 7 days a week from December till whole of January I believe.

            So no relaxing or break time at my end, unfortunately. I am just wishing that in the end, I will be given a thumbs up for the job well done. And that no new guest comes up at our end till March.

            The political climate at our end, is cooking up, I pray no wars starts, else everyone will be engulfed. That’s the last thing is coming in my mind.

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            1. Gosh that sounds hectic. Guess you’re looking forward to April? By then maybe things will have settled down? And yes, nobody wants a war. That’s the last thing this world needs is another one of those.


            2. I will be dead if its April, I am looking till end of February to finish everything off. We have close to 15+ companies, big and small.

              And than we I hope we are not laid off, since our management have started reorganisation process. So everyone is afraid.

              I am just closing my mind, what will come will come. Just do what you are supposed to do, and move on. If that is what ordained for me. I can’t change.

              Sorry for making your post boring 😛

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            3. Not boring at all… 😉. Oh, that is so hard not knowing what will happen. Sending prayers that all will turn out and that you will find peace in the midst of this storm. 🙂


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