Shaken or free?


How do you feel
After splattering your heart across a page
Do you feel freer
Or instead, enraged

Does it motivate you
To spill out some more
Or does it shake you
To your very core

How do you feel
After you’ve poured it all out
Like you want to scream
Or maybe even shout

Or do you feel lighter
Free as a bird
For now perhaps
You’ve finally been heard

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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50 thoughts on “Shaken or free?

  1. How wonderfully appropriate after our conversations on my hubby and I’s blog. To think this was written two yrs ago makes all of it feel spiritual and mean to be.


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    1. It really does seem fitting and isn’t that always amazing how we find such words when we need them the most. I have this kind of thing happen to me so often. I’ve no doubt there are spiritual reasons for such things. ❤️


  2. When we write we all desire an audience, how do we feel? I think that very much depends on the audience. Some poems are written with a particular person in mind and then the ‘how do I feel’ depends upon the response. Others might merely express emotions in a way that the reader makes their own interpretation, which is how I often write. Of course, some can be serious, such as environmental issues. I settle usually for letting my emotions out to the world and it feels good 🙂 🙂

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    1. Sometimes I find myself writing with many people or different situations on my mind. And so often because of this, my poetry tends to mean a million different things because there are bits and pieces of so many different parts of my life in there. I am always most inspired when I’m sitting outside, in awe of the wonderful world which surrounds me. I love letting all of my emotions run rampant for all the world to see. And like you, it feels so good to let it all out. 😉

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    1. True… I think personal journals are best for this. Definitely safe havens, where we can keep our most inner thoughts discretely tucked away. I don’t have too many of them, but the ones I do are fun to look back on.

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    1. Oh yes, the sense of accomplishment. That’s a very high one on the list for me. A good long day of writing almost always make me feel accomplished. Probably the reason I never skip a day. Lol… 😉


    1. So you go into a zone? Perhaps we should call it the zombie zone… Maybe that’s the reason why the majority of what many of us writer’s write, we never actually remember writing. Lol… 😉

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        1. It makes it better when you go back to read it later though, especially when you say to yourself. “Wow! That’s really good… and then you notice your name at the bottom and realize it’s one of yours. Lol… 😉

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  3. Well written Michelle, and so many posing questions, and I’d probably say yes to them all, as everyone of my writings produce a different emotion for me, sometimes I feel betterer, and other times I feel worserer, !!

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