The Crazies


The Crazies as it’s defined
Is a neighborhood of all kinds
Here is some of what you’ll find…

A pastor
Who is always scheming
A polygamist
Who is usually beaming
A newlywed couple
Who are active and fit
A snobby white guy
Who acts like a twit
A homeschooling mother
Who hides in her house
A serial killer
Who is quiet as a mouse
A traveling duo
Who live the good life
An old geezer
Who has no wife
A preppy family
With a dog named bogey
An obsessive control freak
Who is always smoking a stogie
A hoity-toity couple
Who spoil their dog
An ordinary girl
Who likes to write stories and blog
And last but not least
Let’s not forget the seniors
Or the girls that lay in the grass
We call them dreamers
All of these people
Can be found on our street
So come visit sometime
I’ll save you a seat!

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Originally written, 2015

42 thoughts on “The Crazies

  1. Hi, just joined yesterday.Am checking things out as I suffer from stuff that makes me have panic attacks. Can’t venture too far from my safe place in case there’s a bear out there. Though that doesn’t make sense because one of my Guardians is Gryzinski The Bear. Love the poem. Made me feel safe straight away.

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    1. Lol…. I actually fit into three of the categories, but I’m actually only one of them in my poem. Two of my daughters are represented in here as well. So in a way, yes… I suppose I have been cloned. Lol… 😉

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    1. It’s beyond the beyond in a town called Whimsyville. The only way to get here is by climbing the old oak and then sliding down the rainbow on the other side. Hope you can make it! Lol… 😉

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