The mind is very good
At creating illusions
Fanciful thoughts
Often become our delusions

We genuinely don’t know
And can never really say
If things might’ve turned out
For the better someway

The reality of every situation
Is that sacrifices come with a cost
And sometimes in the hype
We all get lost

Things often seem senseless
When they’re actually for good reason
So we shouldn’t underestimate
The importance of every season

I’m learning this these days
Realizing more as I go
Understanding the things
That I thought I’d never know

Growing and changing
It’s what we all do
And time is the only one
Who knows what we’ve been through

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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9 thoughts on “Reasoning

  1. Oh this is extreme beautiful! Is it the mind? …. I think it’s the heart that creates those desires and wishes. The mind seeks a way to put it into practice. And as long as we go for our wishes there won´t be the sentence like ” might have turned out”…only giving up, gives this fale taste of what might have happend…..

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      1. Sorry, my comment was not finished yet…. coming down to reality is a beautiful journey? Normally you tell simeone to come down to reality for leaving his dreams no? On the other hand most of the time reality is created by us, so we influence our allday and follow our dreams and normally our mind works with our heard together to make our wishes true… and normally I would say you only follow dreams you have a reason for to believe in…I mean you never run for the stars… well I never run for the stars… if I follow my dreams l follow it because all circumstances tell me it is realistic!!!!!!


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