Morphing into Magma


Stripped of her coverings
She began the change
From human form
To something strange

And only the darkness
Knew what she hid
For morphing into magma
Was completely forbid

Even on her planet
Transforming wasn’t allowed
And creatures like her
Had to wear a shroud

She felt euphoric
Whenever she transfigured
Leaving behind a body
Which was mutated and disfigured

The shadows always accepted
Her forbidden altered state
In the depths of the fiery furnace
Where all her demons would silently wait

And so she embraced the feel
Of those eager and intense flames
And now only a fragment
Of her original life-force remains

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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16 thoughts on “Morphing into Magma

    1. Everything I write has hidden meaning. Sometimes it even eludes myself. And isn’t that funny, how we can write things so clearly evident and still miss the meaning ourselves sometimes. 😉

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        1. I always sense so many things and I love it when I eventually find the hidden meaning behind whatever it may be. It always amazes me each time it happens, and I begin to trust my sense even more.

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          1. There is always this hidden us wanting to rise to the surface. When it does we often find ourselves enjoying our best version …until the next newest iteration comes out once again.

            It is an amazing process for us to know, love, and trust ourselves. The better we are acquainted ourselves, the more that translates into usefulness to others.

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