This is love…


As I sit here and ponder
There’s life all around
Though hardly any
Ever makes a sound

Grown up so handsome
Exquisite and tall
Each one is there
To watch over us all

If only these beauties
Could somehow speak
And give us the answers
We so desperately seek

However, a tree
Could never talk
It’s seen merely
As a perch for a hawk

And yet it really is
So much more
A lovely place
To go and explore

Its branches always
Spread so wide
A real haven
In which to hide

The perfect place
To lie under and exist
Its outstretched arms
So hard to resist

Each leafy canopy
Has seen it all
Leaves delicately spread
To cushion our fall

Can anyone imagine
A more perfect place to be
Other than inside the crook
Of an old oak tree

I can hardly think
Of any other
As it whispers softly
Like the voice of a mother

And I get lost
In the day
As every branch
Begins to sway

This is living
This is life
This is love…

© 2018 Michelle Cook

27 thoughts on “This is love…

    1. Yes, and I was inspired to write this poem the other day, as a dozen children or so were climbing the trees at the park. They were all having the best time, and it was so special to watch the excitement in their eyes.

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      1. That’s a wonderful source of inspiration!
        I love watching little kids play… although it kind of makes me wish I could tell my little kid self what a hard road is ahead. You see, my childhood was really hard. I’m 13 now, so it’s easier to handle my problems. I really wish that I could tell my old self how hard it will be, and that she has to fight through it the best she can. I want to reassure her that she can do it.

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        1. Awww… I hope your life is becoming a little bit easier these days. It’s often a very hard road to travel, but just keep going and never give up! 😉

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