Illuminating illustrations


Defiled strokes
On soiled canvas
Once vibrant flecks
Destroyed by madness

Disarray strewn
In flagrant display
Immortally disfigured
In austere grey

Regretfully imprinted
On a heart of black
Never to find
Her way back

© 2019 Michelle Cook

For a month of writing prompts, click here;  Illuminating illustrations

17 thoughts on “Illuminating illustrations

    1. Think you… I really do love writing poems about paintings. Seems to bring out something inside me that I just can’t quite reach any other way. Guess I should start using picture prompts more often. They really seem to move me.

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      1. It’s amazing the things they invoke. I love the prompts, like, Sue Vincent’s WritePhoto, Helene Vaillant (Willow Poetry), What Do You See? and Susi Bocks Haiku/Senryu Challenge. You should try one of those, or all of them! LOL

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            1. Lol… I’m still here. Just on a smaller scale. I’m trying to learn illustration, and book cover design. Think of all I’ll be able to do with those kinda skills. 😉

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