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There was something about him

Maybe it was his resistance
The slight hesitation in his voice
The thrill of the chase
The game he fashioned just for me

Whatever it was
There was something there
Something that really turned me on
Something that made me wanna play

He hid his perversions well
In a place of secrecy and self-denial
Never confessing to the urges
Which plagued his corrupted soul

And whatever drove his appetite
For all those lewd, secretive cravings
Made him even more alluring to me
Relentlessly arousing my primal instincts

I remember reading his every thought
Drowning in his desires
And the very thought of him
Was delicious

© 2019 Michelle Cook

37 thoughts on “Delicious

            1. Of course you are, don’t you know it? Anyone who loves God as much as you do, and spreads his loving kindness around the way that you do, is always inspiring. 😉

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            2. And I’m not gonna deny you that! But, some people tell you things just being nice and think something different. And I’ve had more of this in my life than the better of the 2.

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            3. I’d rather have that than anything!! Brutal blunt honesty! 🙌🏻

              So back to the topic here… I have some quotes and poetry along the lines of this but never posted them… don’t know how people would react to seeing that side of me…..

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            4. Well you’ll always get brutal honesty from me.
              Oh you should post them! I don’t post my erotic stories on here because I try to be considerate of my family who often reads my blog. I think they’d sort of find it to be TMI… Lol… It’s hard for me to hold back that side of me though. Sometimes it just slips out. 😂

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            5. Maybe I’ll do a password post… but I don’t know… I’m weird.. I can share the complete oddities of my past but I shy away with sexual stuff. You’d think I’d have no issue with either. But there’s people that don’t need to know everything about me.

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            6. True, and it all depends on how comfortable you are with posting things like that. We were made to be sexual creatures though, and so it’s a part of who we are. I don’t think we should be ashamed of that.

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            7. That’s true. And for some reason I think some people might be freaked out by me lol!! But then again I might be boring by modern standards…

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            8. I think it’s important to always be our true selves in front of others. I’m betting they would find much of what you have to say very relatable. Most people are just not brave enough to say what’s on their minds.

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