Stop and Listen


Stop and listen
Hear the sound
New life teeming
All around

Look at the fields
The sky, the earth
All so lovely
Full of rebirth

Listen to the ocean
And the stoic geese
Notice the beauty
Find your inner peace

See the world
Through brand new eyes
What you observe
Might be a surprise

Stop for a moment
Catch your breath
Plenty to live for
Before life meets death

© 2019 Michelle Cook

15 thoughts on “Stop and Listen

    1. Thank you so much Kate, and I really appreciate your review. It’s been a busy time for me because I’m nearing the end of a creative writing course and all my writing efforts have been going to that. Maybe I’ll knock another poem out today. I keep getting all these great ideas at night when I’m about to fall asleep and those same ideas are always gone by morning.

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      1. Oh I hate that! I try and meditate now before I go to bed – it helps to have that small space for the brain to fall out into – I sleep better and I get to capture some ideas. Thought you had been MIA for awhile. Nice to see you back.

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