Simply Irresistible


I will never be like her
The one who wraps herself in delicious words
Then consumes the flesh of men
Just because she wants to play with their hearts

It’s as if they mean nothing to her
Those poor unsuspecting souls
They are like flies to her surreptitious web
Captivated by her alluring nature

Her scheming and cunning ways
Are simply irresistible
And she laughs without remorse
While stuffing her mouth

© 2020 Michelle Cook

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20 thoughts on “Simply Irresistible

      1. I got hurt a lot… girls always said I was a nice guy and I shouldn’t ever change but it always seemed the jerks always got the women and after the women were hurt, they still loved them… 🤷‍♂️

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        1. I think the majority of us crave what isn’t good for us. And that’s the main reason for the majority of our problems. And people also tend to blur the lines between lust and love. It’s hard to know what’s real…

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          1. I can definitely see that. It still boggles me though. A woman wouldn’t think twice about leaving me for a jerk, but they would never leave the jerk for me. But they didn’t want me to change…

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            1. Lol… that’s true…. but do you really want to be with a woman who’s that idiotic? Choose a smart one… one who doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

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