Pep talk


Been caught up
in an expeditious experiment
A plethora of knowledge
And facts

These things whirl around me
Senseless things
Meaningless and trivial
Things I do not wish to know

And I struggle with mediocrity
Without the faintest idea
Of why any of this is important
Always falling short of my peers

This newfound lingo
Is just so discombobulating
Piercing my young flesh
With worthless
Uncreative filth

Feels like rubbish
Perpetually seeping in
Corrupting my right brain
Controlling my left
All nonsensical rigmarole
Yet fundamental to my worth

And I can’t see past
all these rudimentary devices
So what does that mean?

Am I somehow less brilliant
Because of my perception
of these uncertain
edifying truths?

Maybe my rationale is slanted
But I happen to think
I’m still somebody pretty great

And I may not ever be a superhero
Or even get a gold star
planted on my chest

But I’m me
and that’s pretty remarkable
I’m amazing! I really am!

© 2019 Michelle Cook

Photo credit:

*Inspired by a little bird named Auti.  😉

20 thoughts on “Pep talk

  1. M, there is an old saying, “perfection is the enemy of the good.” We strive to be ideal or perfect in every way, which is an impossible task. I just wrote on another blog, Mother Teresa is one of the finest people ever to walk the earth and even she had doubts and wrote about them in her journal. So, you are right, we are not superheroes, but we are pretty fine – and that is good by me. Keith

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    1. Thanks Keith, I was inspired by my daughter who has been feeling really down about her schoolwork. She tries so hard, but struggles with certain subjects (just like we all do). 😉Anyway, after giving her a pep talk, I wrote this poem for her. I got a laugh and a smile out of her because of it, which is what I was hoping for. I think we all just need to keep spreading the encouragement around.


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