They lurk
In every corner

Falling victim
To their darkness
Has been
My lifelong plight

But the light,
The truth
Always outshines
The dim

And I will continue
My walk
Toward bright things

Rather than
To anymore pain

© 2020 Michelle Cook

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11 thoughts on “Predators

    1. Thank you John. I think over the years we get wiser from all the things we’ve had to endure. And fortunately, I often see so much good come out of every bad experience.

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  1. Michelle, nicely summed up. As I got older and reflected on mistakes and experiences, a couple of actions and thought patterns I gleaned from others helped me.

    – Don’t cede your power to others letting them dictate how you should feel or react. Predatory people take advantage of those who do so.

    – Don’t suffer fools, or at least lessen your time around them. Overbearing people need an audience to complain to. Don’t give them one.

    – Finally, having worked with an agency that helps homeless working families, 1/3 of whom were homeless due to domestic violence, domestic violence is more about control (he or she will not change). Find a supportive ally and get out before its too late.

    I hope you don’t mind me adding my soapbox to your post. Thanks, Keith

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    1. Keith, that first tip really speaks to me, but these are all very helpful bits of advice. Maybe other people too will be able to be helped by your wise words. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned over the years. 😉


      1. Michelle, many thanks. The friend who shared that first one was a school guidance counselor. She would add the phrase, “If you do not take offense, then you are not offended.” Some folks like to wind people up with gossip, untruths, etc. Don’t give them that power. Thanks, Keith

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