Where to even begin?

She asks why I don’t write
But the pages are very thin
And I know my heavy words
Would do them all right in

So I hold myself back
Hiding what’s within
And even if I did write
I doubt I’d know where to begin

Perhaps I’m just uncomfortable
Being here in my own skin
It’s so hard to be myself
Because of where I’ve been

I’ve lost a lot of who I am
I think I’ve even lost my grin
But that’s the way life often is
Sometimes we just can’t win

© 2020 Michelle Cook

Photo Credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/diary-ipad-to-write-blog-workplace-968603/

38 thoughts on “Where to even begin?

      1. You’re most welcome! I’m managing amid all this chaos. Thanks much for the well wishes. I hope you, also are doing fine. 🙂 LTY friend . . . sorry no heart emojis on my laptop 😦 and I need a magnifying glass to read posts on the cell phone. Ugh! Ageism.

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        1. Oh you made me smile! 😁I’m getting the same way these days. And if I’m not wearing my readers, there’s no telling what I might say! Lol… We’re doing fine, just trying to isolate as much as we can. Taking walks through the parks is how we’re surviving right now since it’s really the only safe place we can go.

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