The things I love…

I love being wrapped in the
warmth of a summer sun-ray
or doused in the drizzle
of an unexpected storm.

I love waking up to the sound
of a lazy locomotive
or finding myself lost in a dream
holding hands with the one I love.

I love listening to the whimsical
notes of wind chimes
or falling under the spell of a
tranquil, babbling brook.

I love being silly while dancing
and singing my heart out
or laughing til my stomach aches,
tasting my own tears.

I love rolling out of bed early
to behold a sunrise in full bloom
or staying up late stargazing
on a blanket spread for two.

I love feeling the warmth of soft
sand squishing between my toes
or listening to boundless waves
as they break along the shore.

I love witnessing the colorful birth
of a brand new spring season
or gazing upon a baby bird
stretching its wings for first flight.

I love watching the pure
beauty of a fresh fallen snow
or hearing the rumble of thunder
dancing across an amethyst sky.

I love thinking about all these
things, the things I truly love.
The world is such a magical place
when we choose to see the magic.

© 2021 Michelle Cook

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41 thoughts on “The things I love…

  1. Nicely done, Michelle. It’s so good to read positive, upbeat material. I think if I’d written this poem, every stanza would consist of “I love pizza!” (It’s important to truly know oneself, you know…) 😀

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        1. It’s very difficult sometimes to keep the right perspective, but I think the more we try, the better we do. And you live in the perfect place to do that! Full of magic and sunshine! 😉

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          1. Once again, absolutely. I’m trying my best these days to focus on the positive and reject all negativity and hate.

            There’s a bit of sunshine down here, even when the rest of the country is under a blanket of snow.

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          1. Michelle, you reminded me of when several couples in an old neighborhood went to this small nightclub. We had so much fun imitating others dance moves in our group. We teased one of my good friends for pointing at his shoes during a favorite move. He teased back, “I like these shoes and want people to see them.” Keith

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