Smelly smells and freaky finds

Summer days with dad
We never knew what we’d find
Fishing off the pier

© 2021 Michelle Cook

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Writing prompt: Smelly smells and freaky finds

4 thoughts on “Smelly smells and freaky finds

  1. Ours were always on a lakeshore. I couldn’t stand the actual fishing, and the patience it required, which I so lacked. But I loved the lake, the air so cool and clean, the night skies vibrant with more stars than I knew existed. And I just loved being with my father. Thank you, Michelle, for the sweet memory.

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    1. That’s what I loved too… Oh those beautiful night skies! Magical… 💫 I think fishing in the ocean is so much more enjoyable because you never know what you’ll discover. One minute you could be reeling in a baby shark, or a poisonous spiny rainbow fish, and the next could be a crab or a starfish! Lol… I caught so many different things and my love for the sea was set into motion. 🌊

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