Darkness n light

Here we are
in the spaces in-between
Hidden inside a realm
of longing and need

Darkness and light
nourish our souls
Our days and desires
consumed by what unfolds

An alternate universe
is what we’ve created
Our minds free to soar
our hearts awakened

Every day with you
compounds my addiction
A life of love
without limitations

© 2021 Michelle Cook

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/boudoir-sexy-woman-girl-attractive-4669606/

48 thoughts on “Darkness n light

  1. This is incredible. Like many folks here on WP, I read a lot and most of it is good to very good. Eery now and then, something lights up my mind and soul. This is one, thank you for this gift of inspiration. 💫

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  2. Michelle, very evocative. Not to purposefully add to the double entendres, but I love how your poem builds in a crescendo. I love the final stanza reference to “compounds my addiction.” Well done. Keith

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    1. Thank you, Keith. 💛
      I’d been wanting to write a poem based on darkness and light for quite awhile now. This is what eventually poured out as I let my wander.


        1. Yes it was! Lol… I was determined to get something out there. It’d been nearly a month since I posted! And I just finished unpacking. It wasn’t the easiest move, but I’m still alive n kickn, so the few mishaps seem less disturbing. 😉 I need to catch up with you soon and everyone else. I feel like I’ve missed so much around here. Lol… 🤪

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          1. Oh man.. well a little sweetness was def needed and you got our attention and no one will forget you now.. hahahahaha. Oh wow… good for you!!! so much to do.. not a worry it was halloween so being a ghost was right on point.. xoxoxoxo.. talk soon💖 xo

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            1. Lol… a picture can paint a thousand words.😉 I feel like I completely missed Halloween, although we did have a little resident gathering at the apartment complex that I moved from. But still… it’s been at least 2 years since I’ve had a decent Halloween celebration. Covid sure did a number on our traditions. 🙄 I’m heading over to your blog next. Working down my list of posts to catch up on. I have been mostly a ghost, not even able to comment most days. But I’m kinda like that in most group settings anyway. I’m usually the shy, quiet one in the back, waiting for someone to come strike up a conversation with me. lol… 🤓xoxo

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            2. Ain’t it the truth and painted one you did.. 🤣🤣🤣. I know it’s been crazy right!!! Well that’s sweet you had something. Thanks so much for visiting and taking time. Life is crazy busy and I’m kind of a wallflower and stay at the door of a party all night,,. lol. xoxoxox 💖

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