Something just for me

My heart will forever feel heavy,
but my head will always remain free
because I’ve chosen a different path now,
something just for me.

And I know there will be some,
who will never quite understand,
but I only have this one life here,
and the journey is mine to command.

© 2021 Michelle Cook

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38 thoughts on “Something just for me

  1. Wonderful, wonderful. I get this at a visceral level, Michelle. It’s so true, I think, especially when living the life we want to create, that people will not understand, will try to keep us back, and yet, it is our life to create just as we intend. I love this poem. 💛👏✨

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  2. OMG Michelle!!! I Love this, love this!! Absolutely one of your very best!! Such a great truth – to do things “My Way”! I love the subject of life’s crooked pathway and that we make the choices that determine where we end up. I love to write about this – I guess that is why Robert Frost’s – The Road Not Taken is my favorite poem! Ha! Stunning, My Dear! Bellissimo!
    You made my day!!!!
    xoxo 😊😘💕🌹

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    1. Awww… thank you so much, Chuck, you’re always so kind.❤️
      And yeah, I think we give up so much for other’s throughout our lives, but eventually we need to find something just for ourselves.

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