Only One Earth

I walk upon your rugged valleys;
I dance upon your golden shores.
Your unwavering resplendence
is what compels me to explore.

You’re a spinning top of wonder,
a creation whose pleasing to the eye,
and during my many excursions,
I’ve often stood in awe and cried.

Words just can’t describe you;
the heart of you cannot be explained.
And those who notice your glory
tend to stop and rollick in your rain.

Some seek to protect your beauty,
and yet others see a never-ending chore,
but those who truly love you
would do anything to make you more.

The magnificence of your vastness,
the provisions you supply the world for free,
are never taken for granted
by those who consider all they see.

You are everyone’s big ball of brilliance,
your grandeur spills out over the land,
and you will always be protected
by those who are willing to take a stand.

Written by, Michelle Cook

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*Written for World Environment Day in response to the campaign slogan for 2022, “Only One Earth.”

23 thoughts on “Only One Earth

      1. You’re so welcome Michelle. It was so much better thanks. I talked on Twitter with Gabriela, Ingrid, Nick and some of our other friends about the Anthology Wounds I healed which was a highlight… thanks so much. Hope you had fun with your daughter. Talk this week 💖💖

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  1. Tbh I was actually waiting for this poem since morning. Well according to your time zone it’s morning there, but my 5th June is about to end.
    I really love this poem and very very very ecstatic to read it.
    Kindly keep sharing and best wishes.

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