Write me a poem…

Write me a poem
Express what you will
It doesn’t have to rhyme
Just tell me how you feel

It can be candid or cryptic
Full of love or even hate
Just tell me how you’re doing
I’ll give no debate

The things that you write
Won’t be judged by me
Just say what you want
And set yourself free

Let your words flow easily
Pour them on a page
You might find it helpful
To empty some rage

Whatever spills out
Must come from deep within
And don’t get so frustrated
That you throw them in the bin

Every word matters
The good and the bad
Sometimes this is the only way
To empty all the sad

So please take your time
And tell me how you feel
Be it positive or negative
It’s the only way to heal

You’ll be relieved to have unburdened
What’s been clinging to your soul
It’s the only good way
To feeling happy and whole

© 2022 Michelle Cook


Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/sunset-rope-swing-girl-silhouette-5737120/

27 thoughts on “Write me a poem…

  1. A beautiful poem, which speaks to my heart. “ So please take your time
    And tell me how you feel
    Be it positive or negative
    It’s the only way to heal” So very true. Lovely poem, Michelle. ❤️

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  2. Write me a poem she said
    Tell me all your thinking
    Such a thing should not be read
    Unless you’ve all been drinking
    My thoughts are as turbulent as a stormy day
    Switching topics with ridiculous ease
    A mental state of disarray
    Blown away on that stormy breeze
    I cannot remember what this was about
    My thoughts have gone askew
    I need someone out there to help me out
    Oh, hi M, how about you?

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    1. I feel the same way sometimes and today it was a super windy day.
      I could’ve stayed in bed all day but instead I went out to play.
      And I’m so glad I took the opportunity to get out while I could
      because right now there’s a storm a brewing and it doesn’t look too good.
      The patio furniture is toppling over and I’m worried it might blow away.
      I guess that’s what I get for living in a place that’s windy everyday. Lol

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  3. Thanks Michelle, well played. Here is brief election diddy.

    When did we lose sight of the truth
    When did it become so uncouth
    Candidates have always embellished
    with their own brand of relish
    I shall remember those in the booth.


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