Heather pink

Heather pink

Beauty displays herself
In fragrant wisps
Of thyme
During midday wishes
She’s at
Her prime

© 2019 Michelle Cook

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I am a flower…


I am a flower
Whose petals
Have become
Rough and torn
Frayed and forgotten
Wilted and withering
And yet I’m still here
Weepy yet hopeful
Droopy but optimistic
Dejected yet confident
Because I know
That someday
I will bloom again

© 2019 Michelle Cook


little-girl-2516578_1280 (1)

A bouquet of sunshine
Brightens the front door
As eager hands bring back
All they’ve dared to explore

Her face comes alive
As the wind twirls her hair
Of loveliness there is nothing
That could ever compare

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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