Regarding life

Life can blow in gentle wisps
or suddenly seize the day
in consternation.
So whenever I sense a billowy riff,
I look to the sky for clarification.
Of course, I realize that many storms
pass without peril,
and there is often radiance
after the rain.
But when a particularly vile storm
causes all the flowers to sag,
I know each one understands me.

© 2021 Michelle Cook

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20 thoughts on “Regarding life

  1. A soft poem that finds a personal reflection in how storms deal with nature while the symbolic storms rage against us. There like the flower, I find myself bent over sagging with the weight of all these negative forces. yet, when I look beyond the reports, I still find an eternal hope and become anchored. Well written poem!

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    1. Thanks Keith, the answers to life’s toughest questions can always be found when we look beyond this world. And so that’s what I do, I let God show me whenever I’m confused.

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  2. Great poem Michelle also have the same thoughts too because right being in Lockdown in Ottawa, Ontario Canada since April 8 has been a pain also know are premier of Province won’t open restaurants until mostly July than I’ll be back to work. Have work since March 27 this year and on that night found out that people I worked with positive for Covid-19 and so I have to be quarantined for four weeks until I week to be tested so on March 30 I went to be tested and on March 31st tested negative for Covid-19. Oh on top of that last week my KOHO Visa credit card amount was stolen for the amount of 900.94 from person who bought in game purchases from China. What year this has been for me could be worst but will be get the Covid-19 Vaccine on Sunday. P.S sorry for long post.

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    1. Oh gosh…. It feels like the whole world is against everyone right now. I keep trying to stay positive but then another curveball comes along. I hope things start looking up for you soon. Glad you’re able to get your jab soon. It’s been easier to get out and do things ever since I got both of mine.

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