Wide awake


My curiosity
Has been cured
The boundaries
Are no longer blurred

For the truth
Has been revealed
All those illusions
No longer concealed

And I’m better
Than before
Finally happy
For what’s in store

What a difference
A few weeks can make
When you’re finally
Wide awake

© 2019 Michelle Cook

Her Eyes


Her eyes
A sea of uncertainty
Revealed a torrid past
Of waves not easily reckoned with
For the fervent tide was still there
Lingering on the isolated shore
And the longer he gazed
Into her peridot eyes
The more he realized
Just how deep and vast
The ocean really was
Which separated him from her

© 2018 Michelle Cook



Woefully dancing in the glistening rain
The crystal dewdrops try to absorb all her pain

She spies a shadow lurking nearby
Presence revealed she now begins to cry

Glinting orbs of rainbows shatter like glass
Covering her face in a cold weather mask

Distancing herself from the one who brings tears
The glittering gems try to calm all her fears

She leaps away through the showers of delight
On wings God’s graced her with she soon takes flight

Her heavenly father takes her under his care
The cool gentle rain melts away her despair

Her once shivering body now invaded by light
Frees her from the shadow that once haunted her by night

© 2018 Michelle Cook