Her Eyes


Her eyes
A sea of uncertainty
Revealed a torrid past
Of waves not easily reckoned with
For the fervent tide was still there
Lingering on the isolated shore
And the longer he gazed
Into her peridot eyes
The more he realized
Just how deep and vast
The ocean really was
Which separated him from her

© 2018 Michelle Cook

27 thoughts on “Her Eyes

      1. Apparently we’re going to get one online, because we couldn’t go yesterday. 😦 We couldn’t go because… I had a breakdown, but don’t worry. It happens a lot 😉 I’m getting therapy too, so I’ll be fine.

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        1. Awww…. I hope you start to feel like your old self again soon. One of my daughters used to struggle in that way. It’s very difficult sometimes. Hugs to you….

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