Coffin Candy


She was a real tasty candy apple treat
Loved by all the men she’d often meet

Subtly sexy and radiating desire
Just what every man sought, wanted, and required

But there was a secret which she kept hidden
Something about her, so temptingly forbidden

One nip from her and they’d finally understand
Vampires always have the upper hand

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Sour drop dreams


Mmmm… scrumptious and smooth
Rolling around on your tongue
Your sour drop dreams
Have only just begun

Juicy goodness
Mouth-watering tang
Sure to cure
Your sugar craving pang

Can you taste it?
So sumptuously sweet and sour
It’s tempting to bite it
And completely devour

It doesn’t get much more
Splendiferous than this
I implore you to share it
With a warm luscious kiss

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Artichokes and anchovies


Cooking takes time
Ever stirring the pot
Spicing and tasting
So you know what you’ve got

Throwing in a dash of this
And a little bit of that
Until you’ve got a tasty mixture
Bubbling in the vat

Artichokes and anchovies
Add a great amount of flavor
They’re surely the ingredients
You’ll find that you want to savor

If you’re an ogre that is
Because who else would eat those things?
I can only imagine the upset
The very combination would bring

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Fizzy Whizzys’


Fizzy Whizzys’
Were her absolute fave
Made her want
To misbehave

Drops of delight
This euphoric treat
Was out of sight!

Never enough
She craved them daily
Gobbling each piece down
Rather gayly

Then one day
Her sweets were discontinued
And the search for more
She still continues

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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