Anchored avenues


I thought those avenues
Were sound and secure
You had me believing
And damn I was sure

But only a fool believes
In things they can’t actually see
And now I know exactly
What you did to me

Those anchored avenues
Were apparently all for show
The truth came out
And so I let you go

People always ask me
If regrets still exist
But how can a broken heart
Even want to persist

The absence of you
Has only made me stronger
And I’ll never regret
Not wanting you any longer

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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5 thoughts on “Anchored avenues

    1. Yes, I suppose so. And I really have no idea where the thought for this poem came from because it isn’t written about a particular experience that I had. When I was thinking about the prompt “anchored avenues” it seemed relevant to this sort of scenario, to write about someone being anchored, despite the troubles they may have faced. Seems like hardships have their benefits sometimes and I wanted to get that message across.

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