There’s truth to be found
In the most unlikely places
Small hidden kernels
In the most improbable spaces

And to find these concealed realities
Often makes our heads spin
An aha kind of moment
Lets loose from deep within

And it’s sort of freeing
When at last we conceive
All the things we were blind to
The things we wanted to believe

Makes it easier to move on
And let go of the past
To discover new avenues
That may conceivably last

It all starts with intuition
And listening to your gut
For that’s the only way
To determine what is what

© 2018 Michelle Cook

41 thoughts on “Conclusions

        1. Balancing is always hard to do. Just try standing on one leg for a little while, we all fall over sooner or later. 😉 Just keep trying, that’s what matters most! 🙂

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    1. Thank you… I knew I needed to write something today after reading your comment from earlier. I hadn’t even realized that it had been over a week since I posted something. lol… Thanks for the nudge. 😉❤️

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