A Peeping Poet


It’s a crisp fall morning
As she carefully dips her toes
There’s a hidden alcove there
Where nobody goes

The water is calm
So very peaceful and serene
And she washes discreetly
Mindful she isn’t seen

A sudden splash and ripple
Quickly catch her attention
And she shields her breasts
In modest apprehension

But it’s only just a loon
Seeking out its prey
And her fear subsides
As the majestic creature flies away

Back to her bathing
She becomes lost in introspection
So she bends down slowly
To look at her reflection

She sees a stubby little nose
With wide blue eyes
And there’s a small pointy chin
Which she’d like to disguise

Her blurred image
Stares back for quite awhile
And something about it
Suddenly makes her smile

She lets out an embarrassed giggle
After realizing she’s been seen
She happens to notice a poet
Has come upon the scene

I’m so sorry I reply
To disturb you in the nude
I wanted to capture the moment
Even though I see it was rather rude

Please go on with your bathing
And I’ll return from where I came
And next time I see you
I’ll try my best to refrain

© 2018 Michelle Cook

The Painting is, September Morn.  By Paul Émile Chabas

11 thoughts on “A Peeping Poet

    1. I found this painting and fell in love with it. I think I must have stared at it for about an hour. Lol… And that’s when I knew I just had to write a poem about it. That’s me in there; the peeping poet. I couldn’t help but stare at her. She’s just so lovely…

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I am very much a lover of art. I draw and paint myself, but don’t have the time to devote to it like I want to. So seeing these old works of art are just breathtakingly beautiful to me. I’m not the person that you wanna take to an art museum, unless you don’t mind being there all day! Lol…

          Liked by 1 person

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