Eager Advancements


She’s the kind that seeks attention
From men of all sorts
Just watch her for a few minutes
And see the way she cavorts

It’s really quite revolting
The way she digs her claws in
And all those poor unsuspecting men
Nobody knows what’s happened to them

It’s funny because I notice her
Day after day after day…
She seems annoying as hell
And just won’t go away

She’s the kind of woman
Who only speaks with the guys
I shiver at the thought
Of what’s underneath her disguise

Maybe she’s actually quite decent
I could have it all completely wrong
Maybe she’s a real sweet lady
And I’ve been oblivious all along

I suppose I’ve come to the conclusion
That I’ll never really know anything for certain
But I do know one thing
She’s obnoxious when she’s flirtin

And last but not least
Her eager advancements leave me quite ill
Too bad I’m not a guy
I might actually enjoy the thrill

© 2018 Michelle Cook

For a month of writing prompts, click here;  Eager advancements

33 thoughts on “Eager Advancements

    1. Lmao… 😂
      This was actually written about somebody I don’t like very much. So I decided to put her into one of my poems. It felt quite good to get those feelings off my chest. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

            1. Someone told me the other day it’s because I don’t go anywhere. So I’m simply preserving myself by hiding away in my lair. (Oh I meant, my nice business class, doily infested home.) 😋

              Liked by 1 person

            2. Huge!!!!!! It’s interesting..

              But I mean really… what you 2 crazy kids get into while the youngins are away are completely your thing. I’ll just read about them in a poem later lol!!!!

              Liked by 1 person

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