The sheets
Were the only witness
As to what transpired
That day
Ending up discarded
In a disheveled mess
On a cold
Barren floor
Tossed nonchalantly aside
Like they never
Even mattered
All the warmth
They ever gave
Instantaneously forgotten
As a sudden moment
Of unforeseen passion
Left them crumpled
And useless

© 2019 Michelle Cook

13 thoughts on “Forsaken

  1. If I may say so, without sounding weird and hopefully making sense… you have an awesome womanly manner in your writing that is dang near irresistible….

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            1. Well it’s pretty hard for me to get annoyed by anyone. So…. lol. 😉And why would you think that in the first place? Do people often tell you you’re annoying? That’s just terrible if they are…. I’m just a laid back, easy going person, who accepts everyone. I’ve raised 4 girls, homeschooled them, and still am homeschooling my youngest. It takes a lot of patience and understanding, but I love it. And one of the reasons I homeschool, is because I grew up mostly unaccepted and went to schools where I never fit in, so that’s the last thing I’d ever want for anyone to feel around me.

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            2. Well that’s how I’ve felt all my life. Though I feel like I’m starting to have a small family here that truly has an understanding of me and accepts me.

              I have had people tell me that everything was fine but their actions said differently… and that’s why I’m still skittish. I’ve been told to leave in the most polite ways on here lol!!! I’m just blunt honest… if someone doesn’t want me around or want to talk or whatever just come out and tell me….

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            3. Acceptance is a difficult thing, and nowadays it’s becoming even harder to fit in because technology has made for a very isolating society. I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with all of this, but you can’t worry about who wants you around and who doesn’t. That’ll just drive you crazy wondering that all the time. My advice… just be yourself, and those who want to be your friend will stick around. And if they don’t, just let them go. There are plenty of other friends to be had. 😉

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            4. I’m doing exactly that. As many people as I’ve talked to recently, I’m just sitting back and seeing just how much they appreciate me.

              Some I cannot help but keep talking to though 🤷‍♂️……..

              I don’t know why. There’s those who don’t bother me whether they need me but some I feel like they do. Like you… I feel like you need someone to talk to. Or I’m just weird lol…

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            5. For me it’s difficult because I haven’t really had another adult present in my life for the past two years. I have one friend I see on average once a month, and everyone else I know lives far away. So yes I do crave adult conversation. But I’m here at home busy with two of my girls who are still at home with me. I’m taking college classes online and so that keeps me busy too. I can’t worry about who accepts me and who doesn’t because then I just feel depressed. I’m just thankful that there are ways now to keep in touch with people long distance, or I’d be completely isolated here. I don’t actually spend a lot of time chatting on my blogs. My blogs are more or less a way for me to keep a journal of my thoughts, and to force myself to stay accountable to my writing efforts. But it’s nice to have the occasional chat when I can. I left social media months and months ago, and don’t regret it at all. There was too much drama involved with it. My closest friends still know how to get ahold of me, so that’s a good thing, and my life feels simpler now.

              Have you been blogging a long time? I’m going on 5 years…

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            6. The Eclectic Contrarian is a little over a year old. I have had other blogs but nothing that really stuck. The Eclectic Contrarian was an idea that worked out because it is about anything and everything. I have a lot of biblical posts but I also write poetry and other oddities.

              What I’ve seen this blog turn into is a place that reaches out to those feel alone, those who are hurting and just need someone to notice them and listen. I liken it to animals that intrigue me like wolves. It’s been a bit successful and in some ways rewarding. But I think I make a mess a lot of times because I think I care too much, some people seem to be freaked out by my constant encouragement and people don’t always get my humor… and lastly, I talk too much.

              I’m around if you need to talk. And I’m still happy you’ve followed the blog!

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            7. Well, I think you’re doing great… keep being yourself… that’s the best thing anyone can do. And thank you… I’m here as well if you ever need to talk.

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